We are so excited to invite you and your family to visit

'In Bloom Lavender Farm' next Summer. 


When visiting our farm, you will have the opportunity to enjoy:

You Pick Lavender Days

The Lavender Boutique with specialty gifts & skincare

The RRR Coffee & Treats Trailer

The Farmhouse

and so much more!

Meet the Family

Ten years of dreaming have come to fruition as we open In Bloom Lavender Farms!


In Bloom Lavender Farms represents not only the culmination of a dream but the result of family love, hard work, and creativity. It is a setting more lovely than we thought possible.  Mountain views, ocean breezes, lush forests, and pastoral pastures surround us. 


The farm has over 1500 mature lavender plants, tasteful flower gardens, trees, a pond with water lilies, The Farmhouse, barn, and store.  We have loved spending time as a family preparing this property for visitors to see. We look forward to welcoming you to In Bloom Lavender Farms, the latest addition to Sequim’s unique lavender adventure.