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Address: 1526 Marine Drive, Sequim, WA 98382

Phone: 360-461-6464

Email: info@inbloomlavenderfarms.com

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For Luke and Deirdre, the journey of having a lavender farm has been the culmination of following dreams and a lot of hard work. This family has never believed that your dreams are ever too big or too farfetched to come true. After some amazing travel adventures and even living on a boat for a year, they wanted to settle down and give their three little kids, Ruby, River, and Rose a life where they could have space and run wild. Grandma decided to join and it was a done deal!

Sequim had popped up on their radar as the largest lavender capital of the United States. Having used and enjoyed lavender oil for many years, they thought what could be better than to farm this versatile, beautiful herb? Stars aligned, they sold it all in California and moved to Sequim. It didn’t hurt that there were mountains, forest, ocean and rivers all just a stone’s throw from most places.

There is no question that working as a family outside, hands in the dirt, is what they want to do! They learned quickly that with team work and muscle they can make lavender farming their passion. Deirdre, a dermatology Physician Assistant, was able to put her skin care knowledge to work, developing beautiful luxurious lavender skin and bath products.

You will see all three generations working at In Bloom Lavender Farms, living their lavender dreams.

The Farm FAQ’s

Are there bees at the farm?2022-03-03T18:45:41-08:00

Yes, there are bees around the farm doing their job pollinating. We do not recommend visiting the farm if there is a bee allergy.

Can I bring my dog to the farm?2022-03-03T18:43:00-08:00

Yes, you can bring your dog. Please keep them on a leash and pick up any droppings.

Can I take pictures at the farm?2022-03-03T18:46:37-08:00

Please come photograph the beauty. There are some great spots for photo ops. If you would like to have professional photos taken at the farm, please contact us so we can work with you to arrange that.

Do I need a reservation to visit the farm?2023-04-22T07:43:30-07:00

We are open to the public during the “Season” typically June 1st- Labor Day, Thursday – Sunday 10am-5pm. No reservations are needed during those times. During Lavender Festival (3rd weekend in July), tickets are needed to visit the farm. Those can be purchased online (coming soon) or at the entrance but may sell out.

Do you host weddings or special events at the Farm?2022-03-16T08:55:29-07:00

We do host a few small weddings and special events a year. Please contact the farm deirdre@inbloomlavenderfarms.com if interested and for details.

Does It Cost Anything To Visit The Farm?2022-03-11T09:24:56-08:00

There is no cost to visit the farm. A small fee if you would like to participate in U-Pick of the fresh lavender. We will be selling tickets during the weekend of the Lavender Festival (3rd weekend in July).

Is the farm family friendly?2023-04-22T07:44:13-07:00

Yes, the farm is a great place to bring the whole family. We have a designated play space “Little Buds Play Area” with big tractor tires for kids to climb on. Enjoy some lavender ice cream while the family cuts lavender or wanders around.

Is the farm open all year long?2023-04-22T07:42:53-07:00

We are not open to the public all year. We are typically open June 1st- Labor Day, Thursday- Sunday 10am-5pm

Is the farm wheelchair accessible?2022-03-03T18:44:51-08:00

The farmland is fairly flat, but there is dirt and grass and uneven surfaces.

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